Wissam Shekhani Biography

 Wissam Shekhani (born 10 March 1978), son of Bassam and Khamael Shekhani.

He is a Global Contemporary Intellectual, Researcher and Polymath from Lebanon. He is recognized as a scientist, inventor, architect, visual artist, mathematician, photographer, environmentalist, poet and philanthropist.

He is well known for his famous title: "A Man With A Global Message". 

He was born in Batroumine, a small village over the northern mountains of Lebanon. He survived the Lebanese civil war and achieved his Master's Degree in Architectural Engineering at the "Academie Libanaise Des Beaux Arts" A.L.B.A.- UOB (Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts- University of Balamand).

He started his career life as an "Industrial Architect" and continued in parallel his international intellectual movement, seeking a better life quality to humanity and environment.

He is known for his Scientific Theories "The 5th Dimension", "The Russian Dolls Universe Theory" and "The Human Space Theory";  in addition to his inventions in industrial engineering and linguistic sciences such as "Wissam's Quadairplane", "The Standsit Chair", "Wissam's Arabic Vocals invention" and "Wissam's Traffic Language" .

He is well known too for his philanthropic oil and acrylic paintings, as well for his black and white sketches, mainly "The Red Carpet Of The Prison", "The Thorns of The Arabian Beauty" and "Save Polar Bears".

Because of his Polymathy and innovative ideas; Wissam Shekhani has been accused of narcissism and criticized for working in various fields instead of concentrating on one field, typical to the common understanding. 

But in fact, Wissam Shekhani always mentioned that every human is "A Man With A Global Message" and all humans must think global and work global in order to convey their "Message in Life".